How to encrypt disks connected to FreedomBox?

I use syncthing to send content of folders from other devices to an external hard disk that is linked to my FreedomBox. This works perfectly, but the data is not encrypted. I would like the data to be encrypted on the external disk. How can I achieve that?

@dekos, you can use Cockpit to setup an encrypted disk. Something like this:

  • Insert a fresh disk.
  • Visit Cockpit interface and then create an encrypted partition and a filesystem inside it.
  • Unlock the encrypted partition and mount the filesystem.
  • Use it in Syncthing.
  • When you reboot the machine, you will have unlock the disk manually in Cockpit. To avoid this, you can also setup automatic unlocking using a USB key or FIDO2 key. However, you will need to set this up manually from command line (also accessible via Cockpit).
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