How much storage does Freedombox grant you

To host things in your own server, that must mean you’re given a certain amount of online storage, right?
Are you able to use Freedombox to utilize online storage like Google Drive?

The amount of storage space that your FreedomBox offers you depends on the size of your physical disk (usually an SD card, but can be an external HDD or SSD). In the case of Pioneer Edition FreedomBox, you have a 32 GB SD card. This means that your FreedomBox has 32 GB in total space, of which some space is first dedicated to the operating system. If you want more storage space, you have the option of adding an additional physical storage unit, like an external drive or even a new micro SD card.

No, you are not able to configure FreedomBox to utilize online storage like Google Drive. FreedomBox was designed to replace Google Drive. Syncthing on FreedomBox is one alternative to Google drive.