How can I add a guest access point to Freedombox?

I have a Qotom mini computer with an Intel 7260 wifi adapter. I want to try using it as a router with a guest AP but I don’t know how to set it up. Can someone explain what I need to do?

Here is how I would approach the configuration:

  1. Have a working FreedomBox on the machine. Either use the download images or install freedombox after installing Debian.
  2. Install the firmware needed for Wi-Fi adapter (if necessary). See Firmware - Debian Wiki.
  3. After configuration a network connection for the Wi-Fi adapter as from FreedomBox web UI or nmtui/nmcli. Set firewall zone as “internal”. Connection type as “shared”. Provide access point name and password.
  4. Connect via Wi-Fi and check you are able to reach FreedomBox and the Internet.
  5. Connect your Ethernet to WAN connection from ISP and configure it with firewall zone “external”.