Hooking up the cables

I just crawled under the desk to hook up my new pioneer unit expecting that it would plug into my modem and then there would be another plug to hook up to my computer. I guess I ignored the reference to using a router in the instructions. I don’t have a router set up because my modem supplies wifi and I have a single computer plugged in to the modem. Am I right to assume this means I need to set up a router between my computer and my modem and then plug the pioneer box into that same router?

Hi, some more details about what modem you are using may help.

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For example, does it have multiple ethernet ports, how do you connect? (maybe automatic DHCP network connection)

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The modem provides wifi and has two ethernet ports. I don’t know the make. It was provided by Shaw cable, my ISP. I have two computers connected to it.

I guess I thought the pioneer unit would have an in an out ethernet port and that it would go between the modem and a router. What I am wondering is if I add a router after the modem, will the freedom box serve as a firewall and its various other functions if it is one of three (2 computers and the freedom box) plugged in to the router.


The modem does use dhcp to get its ip address although it seldom changes.


Well, if the freedombox hardware does not have a second network interface bulid-in, it is possible to add a compatible, externeal USB-to-ethernet adapter, to have a second ethernet device available. And then, to configure the freedombox itself as a router that can be placed between the modem and all other ethernet devices. Same with a USB-to-wifi adapter.

However, maybe you can first find out if your modem device is one of those that are actually functioning as a router. Basicly, if two or more connected devices can use the internet simultaneously at the same time, then it is already working like a router.
If not, it may still be possible to re-configure the modem device to act like a router.

In any case one would need to look for the way to configure the modem/router. Most of the times this works by opening a configuration webpage. Then look if it is already possible to configure an internal device (the freedombox) for port forwarding or “DMZ host”, or to first enable the router mode.

If the modem works like a router, then you would only need to add an ethernet switch or hub, to be able have more ethernet devices connected to the internal network.

The device I have been calling a modem must also be a router as it has two ethernet jacks and I have two computers getting internet service from it. It also provides wifi. Shaw refers to it as a Fibre+ Gateway (XB6 – Arris TG3482 although I don’t see a brand or model on the box.

Thanks for the links to the manual which I have checked out. Since the FreedomBox device has only a single ethernet port, I don’t see how it could be set up as a router.

My plan then is to remove the second computer connection to the modem and plug the Freedombox in there and follow the instructions to set it up. Wish me luck!

Cheers and thanks for your help.