Help FreedomBox by enabling popularity-contest

This is a request for volunteers to enable Debian Popularity Contest (aka popcon) on their FreedomBox. popcon is a system to collect data on how widely Debian packages are installed, and how often they are being used.

You can read more about Debian Popularity Contest at, including the type of data collected, how it is anonymized by the server, and privacy concerns and mitigations.

Since FreedomBox project is focused on privacy, we do not enable Popularity Contest (currently, we do not even have an easy way to opt-in). So we are asking for some people who use FreedomBox, and want to support the project, to volunteer and enable it on their FreedomBox.

This information will help the FreedomBox project in 2 ways:

  1. Get a slightly more accurate estimation of the number of FreedomBox users.
  2. Show which of the Debian packages we rely on are being used.

To enable popularity-contest, run the following command through SSH or Cockpit terminal:
$ sudo apt install popularity-contest
and then select <Yes> at the prompt.

You can change the configuration later with:
$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure popularity-contest

Thank you!


We now have a basic popularity-contest dashboard for FreedomBox apps, with the graphs pulled directly from