Have a great desire to post about FreedomBox in my website

I maintain a tech website and trying to learn FreedomBox myself so I can create and post some tutorials on my website. What would be the best way to begin with? Here is my website.

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Install Ikiwiki on your FreedomBox instance

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The classic answer is “scratch your own itch”, wich means: work on what motivates you.

I’d suggest you start by sharing with your audience the existence of the project and what called your attention. The approaches, aspects, features, etc you liked.

Then you could try it and write about your impressions using FreedomBox. (You can use the online demo as first approach, or the development VM/container).

  • The demo provides you with an admin credentials you can use to enable more applications (otherwise you’ll only see a very limited subset).
  • The VM/container allows you to experience the installation process (you’ll find the demo is already installed).

After playing with it you can decide the scope (a walkthrough, an app, a feature, a specific task) and format (web, presentation, video) of your tutorial or series. Think also of the license, if you want others to translate or complete it.

Feel free to ping us here to check your FreedomBox content.

And also to ask for any FreedomBox- or online-privacy related doubt.

Happy writing/recording!