GSoC21. Student selection

As agreed[1], FreedomBox is participating this year in Google Summer Of Code program as Debian[2]. We proposed to implement the long awaited Email Server[3].

20 Students contacted us; out of them 1/3 (8) filed a formal application. And last week we chose the student who will work on it: Flynn.

I wanted the applicants to be the first ones to know and to show our appreciation for each of them, so I’ve used some days to contact each applicant individually. Now it’s public. :slight_smile:

Notice that most students showed great qualities and our limiting factor is the availability of mentors. So, dear community members, please consider to mentor, so we can provide more slots. It is quite some work, but seems to be a nice way to buy in new contributors.

[1] FreedomBox/ProgressCalls/2021-02-13 - Debian Wiki
[2] SummerOfCode2021/Projects - Debian Wiki
[3] Add app for managing a full mail server setup (#56) · Issues · FreedomBox / FreedomBox · GitLab