GnuDIP Verification Email - Invalid HTTP


I am setting up a domain @ to have a public facing URL using the GnuDIP at

after populating all fields I can click register. The verification email arrives however the link it contains returns a an Error page with GnuDIP Web Interface as the header and the message:

“## Error: Invalid HTTP Request
The HTTP request was not valid.”

Any potential solutions?
If I do try to login with the credentials I had submitted, the page I get is:

"## Error: Unknown User

You entered a username/domain combination which was unknown.
Please go back and check for typos."

This reminds me of this thread, where the solution ended up being to use all lower-case letters in the username and a less complex password (not too long, certain symbols appear to be problematic). I’m not sure if this bug was ever fixed or not; give it a shot with less complex credentials.