Gitweb | how to create a repository

I would like to create a gitweb repository, but I cannot figure out how to do so. The manual is uninformative at this point in time:

After installation of GitWeb, a new repository can be created. It can be marked as private to limit access.

Do I need to create the repository using the command line (mkdir)? If yes, where should the directory be located? And how does one mark it as private?

Alternatively, is there a way to create a gitweb project via Plinth?

Running Debian GNU/Linux bullseye/sid and FreedomBox version 21.3. FreedomBox is up to date.

I have this question too. I’m doing the same thing right now - trying to figure out where my repository is :slight_smile: When I installed gitweb, I created a repository, but I don’t understand how to find it in the terminal. There is no gitweb directory in the user directory :frowning:

I see now that there is a way to create a repository with Plinth. Got to Apps > Gitweb > +Create repository. I expected this to be under Home > Gitweb for some reason, and didn’t notice it was under Apps > Gitweb.

@wind I will let you know if I find the location of repositories once I set one up.

@wind The gitweb directory is located at /var/lib/git/. Hope this helps!

So part of the issue was I made a user account just for Gitweb given the following information from the manual:

Note: If using this method, your password will be stored in plain text in the local repository’s .git/config file. For this reason, you should create a FreedomBox user who has only access to the gitweb and never use an admin account.

The Gitweb-only account has permission to “Read-write access to Git repositories (git-access)” and nothing else.

However, and unexpectedly to me, this user cannot create Gitweb repositories. Only the admin has access to Apps > Gitweb, where the create repository option is.

Of course! Thank you!