Gitweb | certificate verification error when pushing to freedombox.local

I would be interested in using Gitweb locally. However, when running the commands

$ git remote add origin https://USER:PW@freedombox.local/gitweb/REPOSITORY
$ git push origin master

I get the error “fatal: unable to access 'https://USER:PW@freedombox.local/gitweb/REPOSITORY': server certificate verification failed. CAfile: none CRLfile: none

I assume this is because the Let’s Encrypt SSL/TLS certificates are only generated for the domain, and not freedombox.local or the Tor onion site.

Any suggestions for how to (i) disable SSL/TLS certificate verification for freedombox.local only or (ii) recognize the self-signed (?) certificate for freedombox.local so I can push via my local network?

Additionally, I expect the same issues would arise when using Gitweb over Tor, which one day I would be interested in doing. Perhaps for this reason it would be best to have the option of generating Let’s Encrypt certificates for both freedombox.local and the Tor onion site.

You can configure git to ignore ssl verification when using freedombox.local address:

git config --global http.https://freedombox.local.sslVerify false
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Perfect, that worked!