FYI: Reaching out to GNOME Boxes regarding difficulty setting up a FreedomBox demo VM

I am just wanting to inform the FreedomBox community that I recently commented on an old (but open) GNOME Boxes issue regarding an upcoming demonstration of FreedomBox to my colleagues. I cannot access the webpage on the FreedomBox client (and VM host) when using GNOME Boxes using the default VM network configuration. I’ve historically had to tweak network settings to allow bidirectional access to a VM, but one of the GNOME members mentioned that it should already be set up to do that within Boxes.

I don’t want to simply point them to the FreedomBox demo online as I’d like them to be able to spend more time configuring the system than the 30-minute timeout would allow, and secondly because it would be beneficial to keep the VM instance running if they end up enjoying it.

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