FYI Raspberry PI 3 B+ testing

backups working
Bind n/a
Cockpit unstable Installs but cannot use
Configure working
Date & Time working
Diagnostics working
Dynamic DNS Client working
Firewall working
Let’s Encrypt working
Monkeysphere n/a
Name Services working
Networks working
PageKite n/a
Secure Shell (SSH) Server working Does not support certificates
Security working
Service Discovery working
Storage working
Storage Snapshots working
Update working
Users and Groups working

Coquelicot n/a
Deluge n/a
ejabberd n/a
ikiwiki working
infinoted n/a
JSXC n/a
Matrix Synapse n/a
Media Wiki n/a
Minetest n/a
MLDonley n/a
Mumble n/a
OpenVPN unstable Works but if system reboots PI is bricked
Privoxy working
Quassel n/a
Radicale n/a
Roundcube n/a


Thank you for an awesome report.

Cockpit unstable Installs but cannot use

Could you check that behaviour is same as . It sort work when page is refreshed.

Secure Shell (SSH) Server working Does not support certificates

Do you mean mean logging into an account using client SSH keys?

With Cockpit the refresh did display the login fields but I couldn’t log in. I get a blank page. Notice the body had a hidden attribute so I use webDeveloper and enabled it. Then I saw a message “Server has closed connection” and a button Reconnect. There is a spinner in upper right corner that hasn’t stopped spinning. I had disabled AdBlock for the page so I don’t know how the hidded attribute was put on body tag. I also disabled Privoxy but same white page.

About SSH, Yes I meant logging in with SSH keys. I typically use Putty with certs when logging into other SSH servers.

Hi All,

My PI 3 B+ is bricked after instaling OpenVPN.

Perhaps a warning to the 25 million pi owners not to install Freedombox would be a good idea.

For me, it is a small set-back. I will buy new hardware and carry on.

The problem with OpenVPN is not specific to Pi 3B+. It happens on all hardware and fix is available in FreedomBox 19.2. If you can upgrade to FreedomBox 19.2 before trying to install OpenVPN, then everything should be fine. This upgrade, however, is currently not automatic due to Buster freeze. One will need to get it explicitly from unstable and install it. It should be available soon after Buster release.

It bricked my pi 3 B+ also, but I just re-imaged the SD card and it was back up. It wasn’t destroyed.

I was just able to login to cockpit using Microsoft Edge browser. Chrome and Firefox I just got a blank white page. I think it may have to do with not having a cert for the ip address. Just notice it came alive when I came in from my dydns URL not my internal IP.

I have a feeling that maybe the problem does not occur when Cockpit is used with proper domain name. Such as http://<domain>/_cockpit instead of http://<ip>/_cockpit. Would anyone be able to try that?

Hi I’m French. I installed Freedombox on a rpi3 and when it is on my local network, I do not have access to cockpit, but on a domain name, there are no problems.


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