FreedomBox v19.11 released

Release Announcements

FreedomBox v19.11 has been released and uploaded to Debian experimental.

Now that Debian 10 Buster has been released, we plan to begin uploading
to unstable again. But we are waiting a little while longer, so that
v19.2 can migrate to testing, and then we can backport it to Buster.

Highlights of this release:

  • backups: Fixes to issues while adding SSH remotes:
    • Improve UX of adding ssh remote
    • Avoid creating duplicate SSH remotes
    • Fix issue with repository not being initialized
    • Verify SSH hostkey before mounting
    • Allow SSH directory paths with : in them
    • Require passphrase for encryption in add repository form
    • Don’t send passphrase on the command line
    • Un-mount SSH repositories before deleting them
  • matrixsynapse: Fix missing translation mark
  • Started new Greek translation on Weblate
  • Updated translations for Chinese (Simplified), Hungarian, Spanish, and

The following people contributed to the git repository for this release:

  • Andrey Vostrikov
  • Doma Gergő Mihály
  • Igor
  • James Valleroy
  • Joseph Nuthalapati
  • Luis A. Arizmendi
  • Sunil Mohan Adapa
  • ZeroAurora
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