Freedombox running, just can't login anymore

I am running Freedombox on a Raspberry Pi 3B+. All has been running well for quite a while now. I check in every few weeks to install app updates, mainly Syncthing updates. Syncthing is running as the connection shows up from my other Syncthing-ed devics (laptop, mobile).

But I simply can’t get to the frontend anymore, i.e. plinth, cockpit.

I unplugged the box and plugged it back in. Same results. I get 500 Proxy Error on cockpit and 502 Proxy Error on plinth.

What am I missing here/ how should I proceed from here?

Have you had a chance to double-check the router configuration? For example, the IP address hasn’t changed and the FreedomBox is in the DMZ.

Hello @DonQuishot

Try to login to freedombox from a terminal with ssh.

I think the administrator username would be, admin ?

ssh admin@freedombox.local

And can you ping freedombox ?

From a terminal:

ping freedombox.local

Regards: peter

You could put the SD card in an SD card reader in another computer and search in the logs for error messages from plinth, for example for this 502 error.

One way to access the logs is to mount the root filesystem, chroot to it and run “journalctl -r” as root.

However, searching logs is usually tedious (lots of things that one is not sure is a problem or not), you can also post some extract here :slight_smile:

I also am running on a RPi 3B+ and have the same problem after each reboot (system is running, but no UI access).
I think it started after the updates from 22.15

I do have admin SSH access and issued the command:
systemctl list-units --type=service --state=failed
and noted that apache2 had failed
apache2.service loaded failed failed The Apache HTTP Server
so I restarted it:
sudo systemctl restart apache2
and checked that it was running with systemctl status apache2
Plinth access was back.
once restarted, it seems to run until the next reboot
I used the Cockpit app and checked the logs.
I noticed the entry for the apache2 failure, but it did not seem to have debugging info that I could use.