Freedombox Raspberry Pi 4

Trying to get Freedombox work with Raspberry Pi 4.

Got upgraded to newer version 20.4 by debian buster-backports, everything was green. After reboot ssh is “connection refused” same with LAN IP.

The server is alive, Tor address works, but inlogging is impossible: “Forbidden (403) CSRF verification failed. Request aborted……”

I have reinstalled a couple of times, after rebooting Freedombox the server refuses access by LAN IP and ssh.

I am on Mac.

I can think of one reason why SSH is failing. Due to firewalld.

Since FreedomBox images are not available yet for Raspberry Pi 4, you must have started with something like Raspbian and done ‘apt install freedombox’. The network interfaces in this case probably preconfigured in /etc/network/interfaces. Interfaces configured this way are left along and not taken over by FreedomBox (behavior of network-manager). So, no firewall zone might be assigned to it and after a reboot, you are unable to connect. By default all the interfaces are supposed to be placed in ‘external’ zone by firewalld and perhaps this did not work.

Try doing this: before you reboot, configure a network connect from FreedomBox interface or ‘nmtui’ command. Assign firewall zone to be ‘internal’ or ‘external’. Then remove the configuration in /etc/network/interface.

Note that only users who are part of ‘admin’ group can login via SSH after the freedombox is installed.

I don’t know why you are getting a CSRF problem with Tor. Also try SSH over Tor, it is likely to work. We can debug the CSRF problem if access otherways work.

I guess I should have waited for the Raspberry Pi 4 image for a “plug and play” experience.

I followed the “installing on an existing Debian installation” and upgraded to newest version 20.4

With that version I can get back the Freedombox if I shut it down which didn’t happen with version 19.

Several errors are still there.

I have a couple of servers on my LAN, the address I got keeps picking up a certificate from another server and opens the site on that server.

Matrix doesn’t install : “Error installing application: Error during installation E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.” Instructions on the web about that problem didn’t help.

I got it to work somehow, Matrix works, Jabber chat works, Tiny Tiny RSS didn’t install, Cockpit works with Tor, log in to Freedombox doesn’t work with Tor. Let’s Encrypt certificate failed: “The client lacks sufficient authorization”. I got a certificate for another (Nginx) server on the same LAN that does proxy_pass to Apache2 / Freedombox.