Freedombox & Mastodon - account verification

Hello All,

I have just signed you for a mastodon account and on my “Edit profile page” there a section about:


You can verify yourself as the owner of the links in your profile metadata.
I have putt a txt file with a bit of html code from Mastodon, in the admin public_html foulder and It works.

Would it be possible to have a option in each user account so that they can Verification their Mastodon account with their freedombox user account ? hope so and thanks !

Regards: peter

Does this mean that you changed the Webserver Home Page to “Apache Default”?

Also, is it limited to one user? Would it make sense to have multiple rel=“me” links for different users on the same page?

Note that it is also possible to set this up through Wordpress, MediaWiki, or ikiwiki, if you use one of those as the Webserver Home Page.

Hello @jvalleroy

My Webserver Home Page is set to: shaarli

I just put a html file index.html into freedombox admin public_html folder.

Then in my Mastodon account I pointed the Verification url to this file:
What in the index.html file is below. Mastodon said to this html code.

<title>My website</title>
<a rel="me" href="">Mastodon</a>
 Regards and thanks: peter
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