FreedomBox has great reliability!

I thought I’d leave a brief note for the devs that I rebooted FreedomBox today. It was unavoidable because I wanted to move the furniture. My last manual reboot was over three months ago and was not a problem with FreedomBox itself.

I wanted FreedomBox mainly for DHCP, routing, and firewall. Unlike the ISP supplied devices it never requires intervention.

  • Hard drive failure? BTRFS RAID1 to the rescue.
  • Cable modem chokes? FreedomBox can be configured to ignore its DHCP offer until you get a proper one from the ISP.
  • Accidentally hot-unplug a hard drive and leave it until the system dies? Plug it back in and reboot. It was fine.
  • Major operating system upgrade? Mostly happened while I slept.
  • Continuous script-kiddie attacks? Banned. Banned. Banned…

This is industrial strength software. I’m incredibly pleased with FreedomBox.