FreedomBox hardware poll


The FreedomBox project team is doing a quick poll, to see what is the distribution of hardware types within the community. This will help us to know where to focus our efforts to have the most impact. We plan to do small polls like this every once in a while (about once per month).

I have turned off the “Show who voted” option, so only the total counts for each option will be publicly visible, but not the names of who voted.

In case you have more than one FreedomBox, please choose the option that you use as your primary FreedomBox.

Please select the type of hardware device that you are using for your FreedomBox:

  • Pioneer Edition FreedomBox Home Server
  • Raspberry Pi (any model)
  • Another single-board computer, not listed above
  • A desktop or laptop computer
  • A cloud instance or virtual private server
  • N/A - I don’t have a FreedomBox yet
0 voters

Thank you for your participation.