Freedombox for small service business?

Just discovered Freedombox, and just love the whole idea. I am very new to the whole idea of self-hosting and open hardware, so sorry if I am asking very beginner questions here.

Anyone using Freedombox as more than a personal/family/small community solution? Still trying to figure out if it can help me in my line of work (therapist) and extending the data security and autonomy that Freedombox offers to my clients (i.e. people outside of the local network). Particular solutions: secure teleconferencing for teletherapy; secure file sharing (some form of secure file drop would be ideal), and secure electronic messaging inside and outside of actual sessions. I am looking for multiple ways to protect sensitive client data.

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Welcome! Your interest in FreedomBox for your therapy practice is very interesting Given the importance of data security in your profession, it makes sense to explore self-hosting options.

My opinion on the examples that you have provided:

  1. Secure Teleconferencing for Teletherapy: At the moment, FreedomBox may not be the ideal solution for this, especially if you’re looking for a ready-to-use platform. While you could theoretically set up a secure teleconferencing system, it might require significant technical expertise and time to maintain.
  2. Secure File Sharing: You could use something like Bepasty for secure file drops. It allows setting up unique passwords and permissions, and you could make it as temporary as needed. Bear in mind, managing this for multiple clients might get a bit complicated.
  3. Secure Electronic Messaging: Hosting an XMPP server and client might be a viable solution for your secure messaging needs. However, getting clients to adapt to an alternative communication method might be challenging. Hosting the client could ease adoption as it can be accesses through a web browser.

A few words of caution, though. FreedomBox does simplify self-hosting to an extent, but you’ll still need some grasp of system administration to handle issues that might arise. Also, hosting on a single-board computer at home might not be sufficient; you might want to consider a Virtual Private Server.

If you are contemplating hosting vital services for your business, having a backup plan is crucial to avoid downtime. Another possible issue is that the number of clients you intend to serve can significantly impact the hardware needed.

In conclusion, while FreedomBox has some compelling features, it might require careful planning, technical know-how, and perhaps even professional IT support to tailor it to your business needs. It’s a fascinating idea, but it may not be a turnkey solution for everything you need.

Hope this helps and that others share their experiences and solutions with you too.

Have a great day!


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