Freedombox doesn’t survive reboot

Reboot closes all connections to the server.

ping: “Communication prohibited by filter”

browser: “Unable to connect”

ssh: “Connection refused”

Is there anything to do for to prevent this from happening?

My Freedombox is installed with Raspberry Pi 4 on LAN with a few other servers.

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I got the same problem.
Everything worked fine before updating (just now).

I booted the box to console, ping from the box worked but ping to the box didn’t.
I have mixed environment Mac and Linux.
Reboot leaves only console access to the box, no ssh no browser.
Networkig crashes with reboot, Freedombox is alive but unusable.
I had upgraded both Freedombox and Raspberry Pi 4 before.
I have had a working Freedombox on Raspberry Pi 4 in about a year.
I tried installing to a new Debian Raspberry Pi image but that didn’t work either.

I installed a new Debian Raspberry Pi image (Bullseye)
That gave Freedombox version 21.3

We will see if this new version survives reboots.

the new version works just fine

“That gave Freedombox version 21.3” if you do
sudo DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive apt-get install freedombox

from here: FreedomBox/Hardware/Debian - Debian Wiki

I am having this same exact problem and I’m using the apt install. How do I check what version I have installed?