Freedombox Debian installation

I am trying to reinstall Freedombox with Debian Raspberry Pi image.

Freedombox installation instructions are from here:

What happens is that installing Freedombox doesn’t work to the end.

The box closes off for all contact after reboot and no configuration process is started.

Now I have somehow established contact to Raspberry Pi with ssh.

Is there a way to get the configuration process started?

Contactig the server with http://192.168.x.x didn’t give anything.

blob, did you try to run the installation command again from within a ssh console (as an administrative user, like sudo)?

I guess I did it either as root or by sudo.

If you have a foolproof way of getting it done I’ll be glad to hear.

I will try again with better luck.

I downloaded Raspberry Pi Debian image from here: Tested images

got the Freedombox 19 version installed on it.

Rebooted and was shut out from the box, could not configure anything.

Got in with ssh later but I don’t know what to do with the installation that is on the card.

I had good luck with an old Freedombox backup. It upgraded from version 20.8 to version 21.3.

I did apt full-upgrade on command line.

The problems may have to do with some weird network behaviour.

Not seeking to reinstall at the moment. Thanks anyway.

Hi blob. I’m not familiar with your hardware, but let me give you some of the hangups I’ve had on Debian installations on PC.

  • you should comment out your wifi & ethernet interfaces in /etc/network/interfaces so Freedombox NetworkManager may control these. ( Net install, then apt-get install -y freedombox, then comment the interfaces out, then reboot and configure freedombox )
  • when you have multiple interfaces Freedombox wants to use the first interface detected by the kernel as the primary interface ( to internet ). This is not the same as the first interface in name order. My eth1 is picked up first by the kernel first, not eth0. I’ve had a PCI ethernet card be primary before the onboard ethernet.
  • Make sure you do not configure Bind if you are using Freedombox as your router ( internal network connection is type “Shared” )
  • also, check for duplicate IP :slight_smile: just happened to me tonight when I was trying to set up a new installation.