Freedombox breaks again - Letsencrypt contradicts Matrix Server

-Working with Debian GNU/Linux 12 (bookworm) and FreedomBox version 23.6.2

-Everything was working fine until I restored settings and suddenly it’s a problem and I cannot connect to Matrix server anymore. It says my cert is self-signed.

-Really confused why Freedombox seems to be having such a problem here. Followed everything by the book, but something is clearly wrong here.

However, Let’s encrypt seems to show a valid cert, or is it valid? It shows Website Security as ‘Disabled’

Albeit two of the same entry are showing in the freedombox web UI.

From the terminal it is clear only one cert exists:

*Ive tried to delete the cert from the UI and start over, but the result is the same. Really wondering what is wrong here, as it should be pretty straight-forward to use FB, but it seems totally broken.

One thing I should mention in case it matters, I have FB running on a Debian VM in ProxMox. It’s not a container, but a full fledged Debian 12 install. Any ideas why this thing is so broken? Do I need to put this on bare metal just to get it working? Thank You.

I’m running on a full Debian install in a Proxmox VM as well. I don’t think that is a cause for issues.

But I see in the other thread that one of the dev team has a solution for clearing out the doubled domain thing. Did that resolve the cert issue over there and is matrix still acting up?

This has been resolved, as per my other recent post. Long story short, don’t upgrade FB from Debian 11 to 12 on hope and a prayer without having a solid contingency plan.