FreedomBox BoF: Wednesday, August 25 at 21:00 UTC

All FreedomBox users, contributors, promoters, etc. are invited to join the FreedomBox BoF at DebConf21 (Online). It will be held on Wednesday, August 25 at 21:00 - 21:45 UTC in the “Talks 1” Room.

In case you are not familiar with the term, “BoF” means Birds-of-a-Feather session, which is an informal discussion around a specific topic.

This BoF is for anyone interested in using or contributing to FreedomBox. It will start with a brief introduction to FreedomBox, overview of recent progress and roadmap. The rest of the time will be an open discussion. Here are some suggested topics:

  • How are you using / would like to use FreedomBox?
  • What hardware are you using, or would like to use?
  • What Debian packages would you like to see integrated into FreedomBox?
  • What software would be useful for FreedomBox, but is missing from Debian?
  • How can FreedomBox become more user friendly?
  • How can we promote FreedomBox to more people and groups?

The Jitsi link for the BoF is semi-private, to avoid spam. If you would like to participate, please send me a message, and I will share the link with you.

I need to get up at 3:00 UTC the next day and have a very clear mind then so I won’t join.

I use the Pioneer with an external USB disk. I would have interest in having a way to have the upload work in ejabberd. I would have been interested in Tahoe-LAFS but it seems it is no more in bullseye.

For someone using Google calendar and contacts, some easy way to move all her data to radicale would be nice.

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