FreedomBox as a Mail SERVER

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I am new in the FreedomBox and have already been using YunoHost for several years. For me, the bad point is, FreedomBox doesn’t provide a Mail Server, which is very important nowadays… YunoHost provides a mail server, and it would be great to implant this function on FreedomBox.

As far as I am concerned, it is weird to propose to connect on Google Mail, since we know what we have to expect with this big US company that collects our information…

I hope, the FreedomBox staff will propose soon a proper mail server.

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Flynn will work as GSoC intern this summer implementing the e-Mail Server in FreedomBox.

Propose to connect on Google Mail??? We’ve got this forum, a mailing list, and 2 IRC channels. No need for Google mail. On the other hand we’re in the open here. It’s our private stuff that needs private communication channels.

This is a good stuff, because it is a important to own a private mail server, as YNH does it!