FreedomBox 22.15 released

FreedomBox 22.15 has been released and uploaded to Debian unstable. Typically, it will migrate to testing in 2 days, and then can be uploaded to stable-backports.


  • backups: Add options to keep sshfs shares responsive
  • backups: Unmount repositories before and after backup
  • users: create home directories for newly created users

Other Changes

  • *: pylint: Avoid calling super() with arguments
  • *: pylint: Don’t inherit from ‘object’
  • *: pylint: Drop unnecessary ‘pass’ statements
  • *: pylint: Explicitly specify encoding when open a file
  • *: pylint: Suppress unused argument warnings
  • ci: Use compatible versions of Selenium and Splinter
  • locale: Update translations for Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian
  • mediawiki: Add regex validator to the domain field
  • mediawiki: Remove Buster specific code not needed in Bullseye
  • mediawiki: Remove wgLogo as it is not needed in Bullseye
  • pyproject.toml: Ignore some refactoring messages with pylint
  • static: js: css: Make multiple select fields work with Django 4.0
  • tests: functional: Simplify GitLabCI configuration
  • upgrades: Hold packages one at a time
  • upgrades: Re-add workaround for grub
  • views: Add a comment about change in Django 4.0

The following people contributed to the git repository for this release:

  • 109247019824
  • Andrij Mizyk
  • Artem
  • Guillermo Lopez Alejos
  • James Valleroy
  • Joseph Nuthalapati
  • nbenedek
  • Nikita Epifanov
  • Sunil Mohan Adapa
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