FreedomBox 21.4 released

FreedomBox 21.4 has been released and uploaded to Debian unstable. It will migrate to testing in about 10 days, and then can be uploaded to stable-backports.


  • matrix-synapse: Auto configure STUN/TURN using coturn server

Other Changes

  • coturn: Add new component for usage of coturn by other apps
  • coturn: Minor refactor view to use utility to generate URIs
  • coturn: Remove advanced flag, make app visible to all
  • locale: Update translations for Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Norwegian Bokmål, Swedish, Turkish
  • matrix-synapse: Update description to talk about TURN configuration
  • plinth: Disable start rate limiting for service
  • ui: Fix buttons jumping on click in snapshots page
  • upgrades: Disable searx during dist-upgrade

The following people contributed to the git repository for this release:

  • Allan Nordhøy
  • Benedek Nagy
  • Burak Yavuz
  • Coucouf
  • Dietmar
  • ikmaak
  • James Valleroy
  • Joseph Nuthalapati
  • Kornelijus Tvarijanavičius
  • Michael Breidenbach
  • Petter Reinholdtsen
  • Sunil Mohan Adapa

I am using the freedombox Pioneer Edition in version 21.4 and want to install Zoph. But Freedombox says"Diese Anwendung ist in Ihrer Distribution derzeit nicht erhältlich" (it is not available in my distribution. I use Kubuntu in which it is available. I do not want to install it, because in removes maria db.

Do I have to install it?

We are only supporting Zoph in Debian Bullseye (currently testing). After Bullseye becomes a stable release, you can (automatically) upgrade to it and then install Zoph.

Regarding Kubuntu, I assume you are referring to the client device (laptop / desktop). The error message is not about the client device at all. It is about the FreedomBox.