FreedomBox 20.8 released

FreedomBox 20.8 has been released and uploaded to Debian unstable. Typically, it will migrate to testing in 2 days, and then can be uploaded to stable-backports.

Highlights of this release:

  • syncthing: Add service to freedombox-share group
  • users: When adding service to sharing group, only restart if already running
  • datetime: Ignore time synchronization service in containers and virtual machines
  • minidlna: Make app installable inside unprivileged container
  • web_server: Suppress warnings that static directories don’t exist
  • debian: Remove unused timer
  • static: Use SVG logo during first wizard welcome step
  • static: Reduce the size of the background noise image
  • Don’t install/ship .po files
  • static: Don’t ship visual design file and unused images
  • all: Update links to repository and project page
  • coturn: Add app to manage Coturn TURN/STUN server
  • mediawiki: Partial fix for installing on testing
  • datetime: Disable diagnostics when no tests are available
  • data: Print hostname and IP addresses before console login
  • snapshot: Fix message when not available
  • snapshot: Fix title
  • mumble: Add Mumla to the list of clients
  • locale: Update translations for Spanish, Telugu, Russian, German, French, and Swedish

The following people contributed to the git repository for this release:

  • Anonymous
  • Artem
  • Fioddor Superconcentrado
  • fred1m
  • James Valleroy
  • Joseph Nuthalapati
  • Luis A. Arizmendi
  • Michael Breidenbach
  • Nathan
  • nautilusx
  • Nektarios Katakis
  • Sunil Mohan Adapa
  • Veiko Aasa

Thank you everyone for making FBX possible :smiley:


I am looking forward to experimenting with the Coturn TURN/STUN server!


Dear FreedomBoxers,

Were there any changes to how (wireless) networks work? Yesterday my home router automatically upgraded from 20.7 to 20.8, rebooted the OS and now my home WiFi doesn’t work anymore. I can connect to the WiFi network, but routing doesn’t work. For example, I can’t even ping from my laptop the FreedomBox router, even though the router assigned an IP address to the laptop.

How do I debug this?

Here is a proposal that I may help you @mdimjasevic.

With a wired link to your LAN, it may be possible for you to join your FreedomBox at the IP address that your router may assigned to.


  • System menu ;
  • Network app ;
  • try to Disable and Enable again your FreedomBox WiFi interface.

I hope you will have soon your FreedomBox back with you.

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Thank you, @fred1m! This did it, but it looks like a one-time solution. As soon as I restart the OS, the problem reappears. It would be great if there was a permanent solution.

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COTURN ERRORS on Raspberry Pi3B+, Rasbian Buster, and Freedombox 20.8

FYI @sunil, I just updated to 20.8 and interested to try COTURN. However I get two error messages.


So I have just got to reboot Freedombox to get rid of the COTURN install error, as mentioned already here: Building/configuring a TURN server (this didn’t come up when I searched!). Thanks


The first when clicking on the: Learn more… link on the COTURN install page, I get taken to: MY-DOMAIN/plinth/help/manual/-/Coturn and shown the following 404 page not found error:


Requested page /plinth/help/manual/en/Coturn was not found.

If you believe this missing page should exist, please file a bug at the FreedomBox Service (Plinth) project issue tracker.


And the second when clicking install to install COTURN I get the error message:

Error installing application: g-io-error-quark: GDBus.Error:org.fedoraproject.FirewallD1.Exception: INVALID_SERVICE: coturn-freedombox (36)

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I have now added a wiki page for Coturn. Should appear in today’s release 20.9 (reaches users by end of the week). Manual page can read from wiki meanwhile…

Reboot is a workaround for this issue. This is also fixed in the upcoming release.

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