Feedback from a user



A user tested FreedomBox and compared it to YunoHost. The user identified the strengths and weakness of FreedomBox, and I think the feedback is very valuable.

I encourage everyone to check it out. @jvalleroy @njoseph @mray @sunil



I read he article and wasn’t surprised at all. We currently have a huge UX debt and don’t make much progress in that regard. It’s not clear what version was used, but it probably had the half implemented card interface. I would be so great if we would not have to ship a construction site of an interface.


Just reviewed YunoHost. I like freedombox interface much more. VPN is a big ticket item and OpenVPN is being replaced with WireGuard. Neither support WireGuard but I couldn’t find any VPN on YunoHost. OpenVPN on freedombox bricks my PI 3 B+ after reboot so I’m in the cold looking for a SBC home server with VPN. But YunoHost have NextCloud was nice

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