Feedback for FreedomBox

Overall Impressions

List of things you liked

  • It’s very easy to use
  • Just 2 clicks to add one “App”

List of things you disliked

Feedback on a Problem or for Improvement

  • Update tt-rss (news feed reader)

Thanks for all the great feedback! Overall, I agree with your ideas, and our team has discussed many of these things already. It’s good to know that users are thinking the same things as us.

Good observation. We agree that this is a problem, and one of our developers has already added it to our to-do list:

Please let us know if you have any more ideas, or need any help!

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As others wrote, for me too a simple “Killer”-App is neccessary. Maybe a file browser.

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Freedombox is great

After “re-learning” old habits like syncing via Dropbox, using google-calendar, saving kontacts in the cloud, … I start tu see the benefits more and more.
Today, dough, a strange thing occurred to me.
My Freedombox was not available via gnuDIP (, and it said the connection is insecure.
Not sure if I was hacked or what the reason of this strange behaviour is.
But what I found out is, that my /boot partition was full, and the upgrade to 19.3 was not properly finished. After deleting some of the older kernels and the things that come with it, I did an apt upgrade, and “username.freedom” did not give me a server not found anymore.
Still can not connect, since my letsencrypt cert is gone, and asking for a new one gave me a
No certificate followed by a
“There were too many requests of a given type :: Error creating new order :: too many certificates already issued for exact set of domains: …”
I didn’t ask for a single one, since I had one.
Next week I am allowed to get a new one.
I am looking forward to use my bax again.
My conclusion

  1. The Box has a great potential. Especially with new apps like minidlna and samba.
  2. For nontechnical users there is quite some steps to take. To the convenience of a mobile phone is still quite a walk. We will have a lot of fun to go and get there. Thanks to all the people involved.
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Your FreedomBox would automatically keep trying to get a LE certificate. After the renewal window of one week is over, it should succeed in getting a LE cert.

Unattended upgrades is configured to clean up old kernels in the /boot partition. Maybe it was stuck on a failed apt upgrade and couldn’t proceed.

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Thank you for the explanation and your work.

First few days on the freedombox (olimex pioneer edition, running 19.23). So far, quite intuitive. Three problems encountered:

  1. the samba issue, for which the permissions 755 fix is already ready to be in the next release I think
  2. the cockpit blank page issue, which I was able to fix using the forum by adding freedombox.local to the cockpit.conf, and which apparently was not in the issues list yet (added)
  3. port forwarding apparently not working on my router :frowning: Not a freedombox issue though. I’ll have to call my provider.

Thanks everyone for delivering freedombox

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Thanks for your interest in FreedomBox.

You seem like a power user. We hope that in the coming months, you will be able to provide more insights into how to effectively use FreedomBox apps for various purposes and help other users on their journey.

Welcome to the community. :tada: