Feature Request | Bepasty: backport 1.1 (or newer) for better handling of uploaded image-lists

I often use Bepasty to share multiple images.


  • I need to remember images by filename and upload-date, when looking for them in the lists of uploaded files.
  • When i share an image-list with someone, they have to open each image separately.

Bepasty 1.1.0.” added a thumbnail-preview in lists, and a viewer for multiple images; with these it would probably be much more comfy to use for sharing images.

1.1.0 is already in Debian Testing (Trixie), so it can be backported.
The upstream-source is on 1.2.0 for a while now.

It would be great if someone would backport either version, so it can be easily used on a FreedomBox.