FB does not reconnect to the internet

My freedombox is running version 20.5.

I had to restart my router. Now my freedombox does not reconnect to the Internet. As I do not want to restart my freedombox, what else can I do?

How do you realize that it doesn’t connect?

  • by not reaching it by your domain?
  • by checking connection via ssh? (ping google.com e.g.)?
  • running diagnosis in plinth (webUI)?

If I ping my freedombox, which is directly connected to my router, i get:

ping freedombox Temporärer Fehler bei der Namensauflösung

Do you understand it?

Thank you-

:laughing: I understand perfectly!

So it seems to have to do with the DNS.

  1. So you ping freedombox from your device like a notebook or a PC?
  2. Do you know the ip of your freedombox? What happens if you directly ping this ip?
  3. Does your internet work for your other devices in the NAT?
  4. Can you reach your freedombox via ssh? If so, can you ping any domain from there?
  5. If not, can you look in /etc/resolv.conf and check if the nameserver is your router’s ip?
  6. Do you use DynDNS with your freedombox? Can you login to WebUI and check the “Dynamischer DNS”-Entry under “System” and tell what’s the configuration there?

I tried the most of if, but it did not work. I do not use DynDNS, as I did not succeed in configuring it.

So I disconnected my freedombox from Power and restarted it. Without success.

So reflashed my freedombox and started it anew. That helped. Now it is working again.

This sounds similar to https://salsa.debian.org/freedombox-team/plinth/-/issues/1833.

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That is exactly, what happened to me.

I had to disconnect my freedombox from the Internet. I had power off the router. Now my freedombox works as expected. The powering off of the router could be a reason-