FACTORY RESET, Sd re Install not working

Hey! (english is not my main language, but ill try my best)

MAIN PROBLEM: not getting the setup menu after an sd fresh re install of latest img. Cant access the freedombox.


I bought a Pioneer Freedombox like 2 years ago and then moved and lost it temporally etc. Long story short I lost all data reggarding the web name, the admin pass etc. I am not too good with computers, just wanted a matrix instance and a few extra things.

Anyways, I deleted all data on the SD card two times already and burned the latest stable iso from the official source into it with Etcher. When i open up the IP direction it still opens in the same Freedombox login/language/searX page, like if i didnt reset it fully. It even holds the same old device name in my router settings. I trully dont understand, after checking out the wiki, what do i need to do to have a fresh reinstall and get on to the easy setup etc like if it was just newly bought. Any advice? Thanks a lot, im trully lost, i support this project but it is not too friendly or accesible for people that are not too tech savy.

Extra data: even without the SD card it works and opens up the main login page, if i put any user and pas it goes blank. Followed this FreedomBox/Download - Debian Wiki too. I dont get to the fresh setup menu. I don get it.

Also in my router settings the eth2 connections says FAIL (where it is connected), i tried restarting the router and all. What am i missing? :frowning:

UPDATE for anyone wit the same problem, i wouldnt call this solved, but after trying to do virtually everything that is written about this, the only thing that ended up working was:

Open the freedombox pioneer with a screwdriver and unplug the internal battery

Fully delete the microSD card overwriting the data to 0

Flash with Etcher or with terminal the last NIGHTLY version for pioneer, by the way, all versions on the freedombox web are called stable and its uncomfortable if you have multiple versions downloaded.

Insert SD, cconnect battery, connect ethernet and power source, wait Half an hour aprox

IP domain finnally working like new. I have done similar steps like this a dozen times at the moment with stable version and others and only nightly + battery removal worked.