Factory reset? Or do you have to re-flash the SD

First of all I am really dumb

I bought one of the Pioneer pre-configured boxes this month mostly intending to break it and then force myself to fix my own problems; however I did something, (I think I deleted a bridge) that is making it not accessible on the network (the router isn’t seeing it connected to ethernet even when directly plugged in) and I can only get to commandline by plugging a monitor directly into the device.

I would seriously love to troubleshoot via commandline to learn what the heck I am doing but my wife is already giving me disapproving glares for having a monitor/keyboard setup in the hallway; is there a quickfix factory reset button somewhere on the device or do I need to pop the SD card out, wipe it and reinstall a fresh image? Googling “freedombox factory reset” is making me think it’s the latter, but hope springs eternal.

If it is the latter do these devices boot from usb? That would save me the trouble of going to the store and getting an SD card reader lol

Re-flashing the SD card is the only way we to do a factory reset currently. Although, you can have multiple SD cards and keep swapping them for quick experimentation vs. production use. See also the snapshotting feature that will let you to simply restore from a recent snapshot (which are automatically taken).

Booting from USB is not supported due to limitations of the firmware. However, with some knowledge of boot process, one can leave a minimal part on the SD card and have the main OS on the USB stick. This does not help your case though.

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Flashing a fresh SD card fixed the above problem and everything else I broke along the way, thanks!!!