Factory Reset only option to get Matrix sever working?

My freedombox is plugged into a router at home. We bought it in 2020 and it’s running on FreedomBox version 19.2.

I was attemping to set up the Matrix Synapse server and configured it to use the one domain name associated with my freedombox. I went back to double check the configuration and used the drop down menu to make sure I really only had the one domains. I believe that I accidently clicked it again and that I ended up inadvertitntly reconfiguring it with the same domain. I believe this might have messed it up cause now when I do “diagnosis” all of the Matrix Synapse checks read “failed”. Woudl can I do to resolve this? Do I need to factory reset my freedombox? If so how do I go about getting started on that?

If you are willing to run commands on a shell (Cockpit app or SSH), then run the following to completely remove matrix-synapse.

sudo apt install sqlite3
echo 'delete from plinth_module where name="matrixsynapse";' | sudo sqlite3 /var/lib/plinth/plinth.sqlite3
apt remove --purge matrix-synapse
rm -rf /etc/matrix-synapse/

Afterwards, install again. In future, FreedomBox will allow un-installation.

Please upgrade FreedomBox version to latest version (current is 20.5) before installing matrix-synapse. This is done automatically after a day or two of setting up FreedomBox.

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Thank you! I have recently learned to use shell script. I will employ this fix. I do appreciate it

I do not see how to update to the current version, 20.5. I have used the update feature in “Systems” but it still says I am version 19.2. I have restarted the freedombox and updated it as well. How do I install or update with the laterest version?

For the second command, I had to run:

echo "delete from plinth_module where name='matrixsynapse';" | sqlite3 /var/lib/plinth/plinth.sqlite3

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@freemypc, FreedomBox will automatically enable backports in approximately 1 day (give or take 12 hours). After that it will automatically upgrade in another day.

If you want to trigger the backports setup without having to wait, run the following:

sudo /usr/share/plinth/actions/upgrades setup-repositories

If backports are enabled, you can trigger the upgrade manually too from updates app in system section.