Email over the Tor network with Exim hidden service


Would it be possible for Freedombox to have a email server set up so that emails could be sent over the Tor network ? That is, Tor email server to Tor email server ? Reason, if your Freedombox is behind a NAT router and you have no admin control over that router for port forwarding or DMZ setup, a email server set up is not coming about soon ? It looks like a email server over pagekite is all so not coming about any time soon ?

The Freedombox and the Tor app is perfect, just works out of the box. Adding a email server to the Freedombox and its Tor setup, you would then have a Tor email server working out of the box. To use your Tor email and your Freedombox is behind a NAT router. You would just Pagekite to your Freedombox and you would be able to send Tor email to any other Tor email users.

There is a market out there for such a service, google for " Tor Email Service " and there company providing such a service.

How to get there:

By checking out ’ Exim hidden service | Johannes Berg ’ & exim-tor-whitepaper 2006 documentation on how to set up a exim email server to send and receive email over the Tor network.


It would solve the problem of a email server behind a NAT router when the user as no access to the router as admin for port forwarding or a DMZ setup. A Tor email server would give a high level of privacy to the emails sent over the Tor network. With Tor email there would be no need for MX records because DNS is not used. The Tor network dose all it own routing.

Regards: peter