Element: homeserver appears invalid (DDNS, Domain Name Configuration, GnuDIP, and Matrix)

Connection Type: Behind router
FreedomBox Version: Debian 10 Buster (FreedomBox Version 21.4)


I am trying to configure a Matrix homeserver and have some problems configuring
the domain. When I went to register at the provided GnuDIP link, there was no
option in the drop-down menu for the freedombox.rocks domain. Instead, there
was only the sds-ip.de domain, which I selected. I then pointed it to the
FreedomBox’s IP address, and then entered the following into the ‘Configure’
panel of the Dynamic DNS Client page:

Service Type: GnuDIP
GnuDIP Server Address: sds-ip.de
Update URL: [blank]
Domain Name: [domain name].sds-ip.de
Username: [username]
URL to look up public IP: [blank]

I then added the domain name to the Domain Name field in the System > Configure tab, as well
as well as in Matrix’s configuration page.

However, Element says the homeserver is invalid when I enter it.

I tried entering the server’s domain name in my browser, and it returns that it’s
an invalid URL. I also watched the FreedomBox Foundation’s video on setting up a server
with Matrix and Riot, but other than the different domain name, I believe I followed the
steps correctly. What might have I done wrong, or what might I have missed?

Thank you for reading my post. Please let me know if you need anything else.

  • GnuDIP service at sds-ip.de has moved to ddns.freedombox.org. Please use the new URL to register. If you still face a problem, please report back.
  • Your FreedomBox version is very old. Please run a manual software update (allow frequent feature updates) or wait for automatic update at night to get the latest version of FreedomBox. You probably got the outdated link from old freedombox package.
  • See online page for latest version of the Dynamic DNS manual.

Thank you for the fast reply. I was able to register a domain with the new link
you provided, and I am now able to access my FreedomBox by typing it into the URL bar.
I also upgraded my FreedomBox to Debian 11 (bullseye) FreedomBox Version 21.4.4.

However, I am still unable to get Element to recognize my homeserver at the
login/create account screen. I continue to receive the error which says it is an invalid
homeserver address. What might I be doing wrong in this instance?