Ejabberd : finding the xmpp adress for clients + server's admin dashboard

Hi !
I installed the ejabberd app.
I had success to try to chat JSCX web client between two terminals connecting on the freedombox via openvpn.

** connecting other clients **
Now, I’m trying to connect using Conversations, but I can’t find the right username (XMPP adress) so I can not connect. Where do I find it ?

** Ejabberd admin dashboard **
On Installing ejabberd | ejabberd Docs it’s written that ejabberd provides a web dashboard in order to manage the server ( go to the web dashboard at http://localhost:5280/admin/). Is this possible in Freedombox ? how ? Should it be an efficient way to find the usernames ?
And if it is easy to do, can this dashboard made be accessible from Freedombox’s web interface ?

web dashboard at http://localhost:5280/admin/

XMPP user IDs look like username@hostname.

In FreedomBox, Ejabberd does not manage its own users, they are managed through the FreedomBox interface (Users and Groups). We don’t have a group for XMPP or Ejabberd yet, so any user listed will be able to login to Ejabberd.

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Hi ! thanks for the answer.
Actually I succeeded to make it work on my local network. Doing the following things :
% check the xmpp’s domain name by editing ejabberd.yml :
sudo nano /etc/ejabberd/ejabberd.yml
% I had the host MyMachine :
- “MyMachine”
- “” # I attempted with the adress inside the VPN
% then I remember that I have a firewall…
sudo ufw allow 5222
sudo ufw allow 5269
sudo ufw allow 5443

% I added some messaging succes on Conversation on my smartphone by connecting toto@MyMachine to Ramon@MyMachine on my laptop with Gajim, but only on the local network 192.168.X.Y. Inside the VPN network (what I would like to do) it failed. Maybe there is something else to do on the client side (VPN config file ? giving the a top priority to the VPN’s DNS ?) or on the server’s side (add a DHCP server ? activate the network’s discovery services ?)…