Ejabberd domain name error

I was using Freedombox on the laptop. I reinstalled it on Raspberry due to a hardware problem.
Domain name, let’s encrypt, cockpit, syncthing are working normally. Ejabberd was installed without problems. All diagnostic tests are OK. When I want to connect my account, it gives ‘server not responsible for domain’ error.
My external IP address and my domain name aren’t change, only the internal IP has changed on the local network.
How can I solve this problem? Thanks.

Running Debian GNU/Linux bullseye/sid on Raspberry Pi 3 B. Latest update performed.

Name Description State Automatic Startup
haveged Entropy Daemon based on the HAVEGE algorithm failed Enabled
user@117 User Manager for UID 117 failed Static

I have 2 new problems also.

Do you have changed the portforward in your router for the new internal ip address?

Yes I did it firstly.
Testing branch was not suitable for mine goal. I went to back stable branch on Intel architecture.
I’ve now http_upload problem on iOS clients.
Thanks for your attention.