Easy guide for rspamd?


I’ve been getting some spam lately, and what I’ve been doing is:

  1. Logging in to rspamd
  2. Go to Scan/Learn tab
  3. Press Upload SPAM

The tutorials for rspamd look complex, and I was wondering if I’m using the software correctly? Also, is there an easier way of feeding it spam especially when I’m on the phone?

Thank you.

I avoid spam another way: I give a different alias for every different usage. Then, if I ever receive spam, I know who spammed or leaked my address and I can either apply specific rules to it in my email client, or even remove the alias.

I have been doing this for many years, even before I was using freedombox, and even without any anti-spam and using email massively, spam was never a problem. Freedombox makes the creation of aliases very easy.

I agree, yes! Although I don’t have that set up right now and I’m dealing with not just spam, but also miscategorization of legit emails so I think I’d like to tweak rspamd but it’s a bit intimidating and I don’t know if I’m doing it correctly.