Dynamic DNS with gandi.net

I am trying to set up Dynamic DNS with a domain registered at gandi.net and could use some help.

Under Dynamic DNS Client, I have enabled Dynamic DNS and have selected “other update URL” under Service Type. Gandi.net does not support standard dynamic DNS updates, but apparently it is possible to set up (several scripts can be found online).

Any help with the following settings in my FreedomBox would be greatly appreciated. Note that at the Gandi website, I have set up the DNS Records (“Type A”) with my public IPv4 address, which works until the IPv4 address changes. I have also generated a “Production API key” at https://account.gandi.net/en/ (trying to follow some of the aforementioned scripts found online).

  • Service type: other update URL
  • Update URL: [???]
  • [unchecked] Accept all SSL certificates
  • [unchecked] Use HTTP basic authentication
  • Domain Name: [domain registered at gandi.net]
  • Username: [username at gandi.net???]
  • Password: [???]
  • URL to look up public IP: http://myip.datasystems24.de

Running Debian GNU/Linux bullseye/sid and FreedomBox version 20.12.1 on A20 OLinuXino Lime2.