Dynamic DNS Can't Get IP Address

I’ve had my Olimex Freedmbox for 10 months wiht no problem. This week, it appears that it wasn’t able to get its own ip address for Dynamic DNS, which, happened to have changed two nights ago, and could not connect to the FBX over my freedombox.rocks domain. Attempts query http://myip.datasystems24.de seem to fail. I ended up switching to OpenDNS’s service https://diagnostic.opendns.com/myip and was able to restore service. Any idea whats’ going on with datasystems24 ? Are there other services folks would suggest to obtain a dynamic IP address?

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I am currently able to access http://myip.datasystems24.de . It shows my IP address as expected. Are you accessing from IPv4 network or IPv6? Could you try running curl -4 http://myip.datasystems24.de?

Hi Sunil,
I got my IP address without any problems or other messages. I entered the URL back in the URL to look up public IP, hit the update button and got a message that the browser couldn’t connect to the server. This time I waited and tried again, and was able to access my server. Looks like I should haev let the network service restart. Any idea why the IP didn’t update when Verizon changed my IP address? A bit of background, lost all connections from behind my router to the internet and had to reset the router. I would think that the Dynamic DNS service would be able to get to the URL after I restored WAN access.

As soon as Dynamic DNS settings are applied, a LE certificate is obtained and installed into Apache. This requires a restart of Apache. This is why you will see a connection failure.

Not sure, FreedomBox should have automatically corrected the DNS entries in about 30 minutes or so. We need to investigate further.