Dynamic DNS and ipv6


I’m using freedombox on a raspberrypi and everything used to work fine, since I moved it to a new place (new Internet service provider). It’s look like my dynamic dns doen’t work anymore, and I think it comes from the “URL to look up public IP” I use. I’m using http://myip.datasystems24.de which return me my ipv6 and not my ipv4.

Does anyone know how to deal with that ?

My domain is already set up with my ipv6 and works pretty well on ipv6 (which is static), but I also need to access it on ipv4 (which change from time to time).

You have probably visited the URL using the browser and it returned and IPv6 address. However, when FreedomBox uses it it does something like wget -4 URL which will always yield IPv4 address.

So, your problem must be something else. Please double check that your username and password is correct by logging into the gnudip service. The IP URL is set to the above URL. And that the primary service address is correct.

If that does not work, please try to run the following command in the terminal as a root user (see manual on how to login).

/usr/share/plinth/actions/dynamicdns update

This command should be able to update the current IP address.

Hi, if Sunil’s answer does not help it might be that your new provider uses carrier-grade NAT. I think in that case you need to use a reverse proxy (e.g. pagekite) since dynamic DNS does not work as far as I understand.

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Thanks Sunil and chkmue for your answers :slight_smile:

Blame my stupidity :sob:
I used gnuDIP isted of URL update --"

I was quite sure that my configuration used to work on my previous network but obviously not. Maybe my previous ISP didn’t change my IP that much.

Any way, thanks for your help !

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