Domain Registrars

You will not need a domain registrar if you use GNUdip (,, etc.).

Are you managing your own internet domain? Do you find value in it? I’d like to hear your experience and share mine.


I am using G*Daddy as my domain registrar. It works perfectly, and I’m pleased with their domain management tools. Still - I’d like to leave them as I’m a very basic domain user and think I’m overpaying for what I do.

  • They are easy to do business with online
  • Their domain management tools work well for my simple needs
  • I have no complaints with their service
  • They have, in my opinion, become Part of the Problem that Freedombox is working to solve, and I wouldn’t mind migrating to somewhere smaller, cheaper, and more freedom friendly.
  • I have my domain tied up with a google organization as well, and migrating away from my registrar seems like a daunting task. (I’d like to migrate from google too, but that’s a tall order right now)

I would recommend G*Daddy based on my experience, you might pay more than you could, but it works and works well. They seem to be chipping away at internet freedom for which reason I’m planning to migrate. (I can’t remember exactly how they got on The ListTM, but with me, once you’re on it, you’re on it.)

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I recommend

I am a happy user for years!

Also recommended by PrivacyTools and PrivacyGuides community.

Considered the worlds most notorious “Privacy as a Service” provider for domains, VPS’ and VPNs.

I am using OVH and Gandi for different domains.

I have been using OVH for a long time, Gandi more recently. Both are fine, I just decided to try Gandi to see the difference, not much as far as name registration and DNS services are concerned.

I don’t know what would be criteria to recommend a registrar, so I don’t recommend any.

Considered the worlds most notorious “Privacy as a Service” provider for domains, VPS’ and VPNs.

“Notorious…” That is high praise.

PorkBun. The one and only. Cheaper than the others. And does not get in the way.