Do I need a domain name to run Matrix Synapse server on Freedombox?

Hi everyone, need a bit of support here. I’m looking at installing Matrix Synapse server on FreedomBox. I have a static IP address from my ISP, so I don’t need to install dynamic DNS client on the Freedombox. Which means, I don’t need registering an account with GnuDIP service either. But this also means, I won’t have a domain name assigned to my Freedombox. So, is it possible to configure Matrix Synapse without having a domain name on ? For example, if I just share the static IP address with my friends, will they be able to connect to my home server from the public internet without me assigning a domain name to Freedombox ? Or should I still go through registering with GnuDIP, choose a domain name, but not install Dynamic DNS client on the Freedombox ?

Yes, you need to have both a domain name and a valid certificate. You don’t need to set up GnuDIP, you can simply set your domain name under System → Configure, and it will automatically get a Let’s Encrypt certificate.

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