Do I have to use OpenVPN?

Problem Description
I am in the process of connecting the VPN service and considering I already pay for NordVPN, I’m wondering if there is a possibility of connecting through Nord? There is zero documentation about using a different VPN. From what I’ve read, everything is focused on OpenVPN.
Now, OpenVPN does have connecting capability through NordVPN so has anyone ran across this issue and how was it resolved?

Expected Results
I expect there has to be something I’m missing as far as configuration is concerned.


  • FreedomBox version: FreedomBox version 23.4.
  • Hardware: ASUS Intel z390 Motherboard, ethernet connection, fresh Debian 11 Bullseye install configured with stock packages and ssh/server packages only. Headless Server.
  • How did you install FreedomBox?: Command Line install on headless server.

Hi @shiftfire and welcome to the forum!

As far as I can tell WireGuard is the VPN you’re looking for

but I haven’t yet tried it myself. I also don’t know if Nord supports WireGuard?

Oddly enough, Ive been noticing that two protocols appear on my screen when I run the “ip addr” command.
One for wireguard and one for nordlynx. Ive tried to trace both and havent come up with an answer.
Then again, im new to a lot of this network stuff so its all a learning experience.

In my opinion, you first need to find out what the VPN is used for, and then specify why you need it. For security, for anonymity or in order to access the resources of your private network. Freedombox provides two options for VPN - OpenVPN and Wiregard. I personally use Wiregard to connect to my home network, and external VPN suppliers for the purpose of anonymity and security. Once оut of curiosity, I tried to set Wireguard as a client and as а server at the same time but it didn’t worked.

Okay, a question for you then. If you used external sources for anonymity and the like, how did you separate the two services? I think that’s where I’m missing the strike of all of this because my actual setup and procedure is darn near flawless getting everything else prepared and then it goes down the drain as soon as I start adding the layers of security.

  1. I’m doing all of this setup over ssh.
  2. I have a choice between openvpn and wireguard as an internal vpn.
  3. NordVPN is here to stay, no question.

I’m on my fourth fresh install if that proves any point that I’m willing to keep rolling, I just need a little bit of guidance.
Thanks for your time!

For example, on my android phone i have Wireguard VPN set to connect my freedombox and i use it if i want to connect my home network or a device on it, but if i want to stay anonymous i use for example Riseup VPN because it doen’t expose my home IP adress.