DNS Good, DNS Bad

I post this on every forum I visit, because there are three types of vocal groups regarding DNS: one slams it as a dinosaur and and considers it a curse, the other mis-use it, mis-configure it all the time, the third group have no idea it was THAT important.

Use this tool, plug your zone info (your domain such as mydomain.tld or mysubdomain.mydomain.tld) and see what it says: https://dnssec-analyzer.verisignlabs.com/

Do not listen to opinionated people regarding this, and if you think your FreedomBox does not work (the way it should) - DNS is your prime suspect.

Learn to build and manage your own DNS service: use 3 VPS by three different service providers on two different continents, that’s how DNS supposed to be built and function.

Never use the free garbage by FreedomBox, YunoHost, or any other “community project”. DNS is a key component in your infrastructure, do not trust anyone else with it.

Most of all, kick to the curb all who say “block chains are the future man, only morons build anything on top of DNS”. I guarantee you, if you are 12 years old today, DNS will be part of the Internet when you die of ripe old age. Most legacy Layer 3 components will be with us for practically forever, we will learn to “bridge” them but we are never going to fully replace them.

Again, debug your DNS and you get rid of a lot of attacks and service failures. I maintain a Hubzilla forum, to discuss this an more - but its NOT a public forum, admission is privileged as I do not respect any European Union laws and regulations about Rights to Privacy or such. I believe in private, moderated, priviledged network access with a 100% self-governing community.

Reply here with your awesome, fully RFC-compliant DNS, and take pride in it!
hubzilla.kane-il.us | DNSViz (send email to postmaster with “FreedomBox” in subject line)