Delete tags in Shaarli

I imported bookmarks from Firefox using the “Shaarli synchronizer” extension.

Bookmarks in folders like “To be continued” resulted in 3 tags “To”, “be” and “continued” so I am trying to do some cleanup manually (although it is tedious as I have several thousands of bookmarks).

I could delete a few tags but now, clicking on “delete tag” is not triggering any action at all. I am not sure whether it is a problem with my web browser, with shaarli or with my particular instance. I found that there may be issues trying to delete a tag used in many bookmarks but it is the same even if I try deleting a tag used for a single bookmark.

In the list of tags, clicking on the bin icon next to a tag also does nothing.

After rebooting and starting my web browser again, when I try exactly the same, I have a popup asking whether I am sure to delete the tag and when I say yes it is deleted.

So it looks like a web browser problem.