Copying files downloaded with MLDonkey to my PC

Problem Description
Hi there,

I recently downloaded a GNU/Linux distribution with MLDonkey. Now I would like to copy that iso image to my computer in order to burn it to a DVD, but while I’m able to copy files from my computer to the hard disk of the FreedomBox (an OLinuXino bought from Olimex) in order to share them, it doesn’t work the other way around, I get an “access denied” message on Caja (the file explorer of the MATE desktop).

I copied the iso image from the SD card to the FreedomBox’s hard disk after ssh’ing, but I’d also like to get that file out of the little box. How do I do that? Note: Samba is installed, that’s how I copy files from my computer to the FreedomBox.

Thanks in advance.


  • FreedomBox version: 21.8
  • Hardware: Olimex OLinuXino LIME2 Server with a 1Gb hard disk
  • How did you install FreedomBox?: downloaded the stable Debian 10 image from freedombox website, then upgraded it to Debian 11.

MLDonkey doesn’t seem to have the feature to download directly to a Samba share directory. This feature is enabled for Transmission and Deluge. Created an issue for this. #2210

You said that you were able to copy the file to a Samba share directory (somewhere under /var/lib/freedombox/shares/). Maybe the file ownership needs to be changed. If the group is set to freedombox-share, then both MLDonkey and Samba will be able to access the file.

sudo chown :freedombox-share <file-name>

Hope this works.
I want to reproduce this myself and check the file permissions and ownership, but I’ve never used MLDonkey before.

We are making mldonkey part of the freedombox-share group. MLDonkey should be able to download directly to folders that are owned by this group.