Configuration Hangs

8/19 Pioneer FreedomBox connected by LAN to wifi DSL router (shows up and is recognized by router)
Tried to set it up using Brave browser (0.67.124) but ip address can almost never be found, even with all shields down, Mac firewall down, VPN off…
Connected one time, long enough to enter a name/password in setup. Then failed to connect.
Connected again, long enough to enter a name/password in setup and go to the next screen. Then failed to connect.
Switched to Safari 12.1.2 browser, and could connect after removing power from FreedomBox and plugging it back in - could login, and see apps, but not install any, nor restart/shutdown/help/system and go anywhere without it hanging. Won’t load anything (although normal links on home page work), and I can’t configure anything. Even reloading freedombox.local will hang indefinitely without removing/restoring power from the box first.