Completely Uninstall freedombox debian 12


I installed freedombox yesterday and noting else, but does not remember the admin user name, it i could list the name then i would have the posibility to log in.

I tried uninstalling freedom box and isntalla gain, but it give me the login prompt and not the first boot welcome.

I assume its beacuse the old configuration files remain.
How do i uninstall freedom box and removing the config files so i can start over?

Don’t worry - this sounds fixable.

The definition of user accounts would be remembered by the OS even when you remove FreedomBox. If you can log in to your freedombox with any user by any method you can find out the username you are looking for:

Log into the freedombox as any user:

  • log in on the console (with keyboard and monitor)
  • log in by SSH

then do getent passwd | more

You may find the name of your FreedmBox admin user in that list. Perhaps you did not spell the username as you remember.

If you don’t have success here, the username may also be defined in /etc/passwd:
do more /etc/passwd and look there for the username next.

I already checked the etc password, no unike username there.
I assume the admin account set up at first install list the user as all other user on the system.

I will try the first command.
There is nothing important on th machine.
Just a fresh install of debian 12 and freedombox.
Its just my test server to play around.
If i find the name i set as admin i will know the password.

Users can be defined either in /etc/passwd or in ldap. If you create a user in FreedomBox it will be an LDAP user. You will see it in the getent passwd list if you did not see it in /etc/passwd.

It’s okay to reinstall if you like, but I don’t think that effort will be needed if you just recover the username.

Where is the configuration files stored?, i just want to wipe everything and reinstall.

There is nothing important on th machine.

If this is the case then reinstalling Debian and then installing FreedomBox would be the sure thing. Be sure that you create a new filesystem on /, preferably BTRFS. In going this way let me recommend using only these partitions:

  • boot
  • swap
  • /

I worry that if you try to reinstall the FreedomBox application you will still have the LDAP users and groups which are OS configurations made by FreedomBox. These may not be undone by reinstalling the application. There’s a risk you’ll be in the same position you are in. I’m not certain of this, but OS reinstallation will certainly prevent this kind of problem.

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I tried to remove the freedombox package an reinstall it, but it does not give me a new insallation.
I have searched, googled, no where can i find any information of where the freedombox config /app files are installed.

Its quite surprising , someone should know.
That would be eaiset, just delete them and start over.

If you purge (not just uninstall) the freedombox package, then it will remove the /var/lib/plinth folder, where the database is stored.

But FreedomBox also makes various changes to the system outside of its own files. For example, user accounts are stored in the LDAP server database (I think it’s somewhere in /etc/ldap).

The cleanest option would be to do a full re-install of the entire Debian system (not just FreedomBox). Is this possible to do, since there is nothing important on the machine?

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The directyry only contains three files now when freedombox packages is unisntalled.
/var/lib/plinth$ ls
django-secret.key firstboot-wizard-secret plinth.sqlite3

I did not run the purge command, i must find the syntax and give it a try.